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Friend at will. I'm easy. <3 If we haven't crossed paths before I'd love it if you dropped me a line.

Fic Masterlist is here.
Fanmix masterlist here

I am happy to give blanket permission to anyone looking to transform any of my fanworks, be it mixing, podficcing, translating or anything really as long as you credit back to my work wherever you're posting! Please, please, send me a link to your work or feel free to get in touch with any questions beforehand and we can collaborate - I love that! I would just be really excited to hear from you!

Currently also active on Insane Journal as amo-amas-amat and Live Journal as amoama.

Francisco gif by [personal profile] graspthethorn :D
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I've been a busy fangirl lately and I have some fic and some recs and other things to share. <3

It was Bring Back the Porn day on IJ on Tuesday and I submitted two fics. One of which is a Mansfield Park, Fanny/Mary fic which will probably get very little love but which I enjoyed writing so much. I've just been away with my family on a Jane Austen themed holiday and my book to present on was Mansfield Park. We shared out all the books and gave talks and made films and songs and quizzes, had debates about Darcy's dubious moral code, played murder mystery games (I was Lady Catherine!) and cooked regency dinners and dressed up. It was the best family holiday!!! Anyway I came home and wrote porn which I won't be sharing with my family but am happy to share with you!

The Bed We Loved In was a Spinning World, NC-17, 2600 words, An afternoon by the lake - for one day Mary and Fanny are the masters of Mansfield Park.

I also wrote Spartacus (TV) fic, about Season 2 Lucretia lusting after pregnant Ilithyia: Cherish, NC-17, 1100 words, Lucretia hates to bathe alone.

I also want to recommend some fics that were submitted which I really enjoyed:

4 Spartacus fics by Aldiara - a saxa/belesa fic, a Barca/Pietros fic that totally broke me; and one sweet and sexy and one angsty but sexy nagron fic. Enjoy!

And for anyone that fancies some Eagle fic, of Esca/Marcus ironing out the kinks in their happily ever after, then Spaghettitoes's Status and Position is for you!
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Wayward mixes is back on LJ! I celebrated their "new and shiny" theme by making a mix for Far From the Madding Crowd on the excuse of the new film. :) 

It's here. It's Gabriel/Bathsheba orientated and mostly folk music. :)

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Dearest Author!

Thank you for your efforts in advance!

I signed up for fic or art in all my requests and would love love love to receive either!

I think my squicks go for both types of work.
Things I'm not so keen on: kidfic, domestic fluff, college AUs, Dom/sub dynamics.
Everything else is a go!

Vikings - Lagertha/Siggy - I love how these two became so united. Their shared grief for their daughters slays me and I basically want them to rule together and be awesome.
Judith/Kwenthrith - please to be as fucked up as possible!
Thyri/Gyda - what would have happened to them if they'd lived? Where are they now? Are they guardians or mischief makers?

Lucretia/Ilithyia - my messed up babies. I love it messy and duplicitous and somehow still the realest thing they have.
Lucretia/Saxa/Ilithyia - hot. so hot. And Saxa takes no shit.
Ilithyia/Saxa - as above but with less Lucretia. :( Maybe in an AU where Ilithyia stays with the rebel camp? That would be awesome. Perhaps Saxa becomes her unofficial protector for some reason.
Lucretia/Mira - just play with that slave/mistress dynamic. I don't mind revenge fic or Lucretia getting her due a bit. Or Mira quietly plotting in the days before freedom.

Miss Fisher
Dot/Mac, Phryne/Mac, Phryne/Dot - any scenario or combination of these three or all three would make me so happy. I love Dot learning the detective trade and her world expanding. I love her and Phryne looking after each other or Phryne and Mac looking out for each other in the early days and the idea that they had some kind of relationship early on when Mac was discovering her sexuality. Or bath times! Phryne tempting Dot into the bath with her, or looking after Dot after a stressful day of detecting. Or group lessons with the vibrating machine!!

The Good Wife
Alicia/Kalinda - fix ittttttttttt! Or don't, unrequited works for me here too. Or girl times at the bar.
Diane/Kalinda - something about their mutual respect finally gives Kalinda what she's been looking for. Or hot and quick and dirty and it makes Diane so exhilarated.
Alicia/Elsbeth - Alicia bewildered into something she's never considered before.
Elsbeth/Nancy - just think about it!!! Wacky but wonderful! :D
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I've been slowly catching up with Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries after seeing it rec'd here, there and everywhere. (mostly by [personal profile] riverlight :) Blessings upon you!)
I'm watching with Others so I am forced to go slowly and not gobble through the episodes as I usually would. It's actually pretty lovely drawing out the process because I am enjoying the gentle delights of the series all the more.

But we just reached season 2, episode 7 and I need to flail a bit now! [With Spoilers] Read more... )


8/4/15 20:38
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Oh hai! I'm just going to pretend I've been here the whole time.

Just read a great little Agent Carter, Peggy/Dottie fic by st_aurafina, Teamwork posted to FemslashFiclets which I started following this week. Definitely think writing a few femslash tidbits could get me through this upcoming revision!

I also posted Vikings fic this week!
Title: Purgatory Road
Author: Me!
Fandom (pairing/characters): Vikings, Athelstan/Ragnar, Odin.
Rating: Gen
Word Count: 948
Summary:There’s a god at the end of this road. Perhaps more than one.
Odin assists Athelstan in resolving some of the conflicts of Athelstan's afterlife i.e one more way to ensure Athelstan and Ragnar end up together.
Warnings: A character is dead. :O
Author's Note: Basically I wrote pseudo-religious backchat between Athelstan and Odin to try and resolve Athelstan's faith crisis and also get him to Ragnar in Valhalla. IDEK!

I had two other Vikings fans staying with me last week and pretty much forced them to write and post fic for me too! YAY GUESTS! So I'm thrilled to rec I Dreamed a Dream which is the fix-it fic we all needed after the Born Again episode by Lil. And Inga wrote sexy bathing fic from a happier time. So delightful!!
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I always like looking back over my fannish activities - it's a little joy injection. :D

in case you needed more memes from me )


24/11/14 21:40
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I'm taking a break from my ongoing quest to conquer the many and evolving elements of the English legal system (otherwise known as the graduate diploma in law) to ask you this important question:

Has anyone been watching TURN? (I think you have to write it in capitals?)
It's the show with Jamie Bell about spies in the US war of independence. I watched it in order to enjoy Jamie Bell being on my screen and found lots to love and lots to question.

generally spoilery chat but nothing specific )
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I haven't had a chance to read much of the femslashex fic yet but I did a Bletchley Circle pinch hit that was a little Millie/Susan fix-it.

Title: The Sheltering Tree
Fandom (pairing/characters): The Bletchley Circle, Millie/Susan
Rating: Gen
Word Count: 2464
Summary: Susan gets an unexpected visitor in Mumbai.

I also posted a little Nashville schmoop while waiting for the new series to get started.

Title: That name, which is no part of thee
Fandom (pairing/characters): Nashville, Deacon/Rayna
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 1622
Summary: Rayna at 16

It was nice to do some writing-y things!!
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If reincarnation is a thing then I sally forth to suggest that a good option for Christopher Marlowe's return was Freddy Mercury. (just nod and smile at me because I love the idea) [it comes of reading Ros Barber's sensational The Marlowe Papers while old Queen concerts play on bbc4. I recommend the former, the latter is purely coincidental.]

You know that thing where you mistake lines for years and get it terribly wrong?! I just realised that about the bit in The Scarlet Pimpernel (1982) when the Prince of Wales tells Percy he might have to exercise is DROIT DE SEIGNEUR and steal Marguerite away. I always heard something more like "quoi de ce nuir" [I know mostly not real words!!] and assumed it was Frenchish for "my certain special way I can't fully describe" (*facepalms*). Certainly I did not suppose it meant "my right as feudal lord to sleep with your wife!" SHOCKED AND APPALLED. Lol, so silly. Especially because I've seen the film countless times and sometimes even use my made up phrase in speech and never thought about how it didn't mean anything the way I was saying it and how the real thing actually meant something very bad! I kind of want my phrase back!!

I feel like I need a third thing to make this post more list-like and less random, so to update you, I joined a choir! I've been twice and really like it. We're singing Vaughan Williams, Dona Nobis Pacem and Elgar, For the Fallen (2014, sigh). We're singing them around remembrance day in the Abbey here. Should be lovely. I love them both although Dona Nobis Pacem is proving tricksy in the execution! It is hard but the words are mostly Walt Whitman and when we get it right, they soar.
Today the conductor asked, "Are we a choir that breathes whenever we want?" (The answer apparently being "no we are not"!) I have a long way to go though I fear to marshal my breathing to his will.
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Been doing a lot of fanmixing lately, mostly prompts and whimsical things. :)

Hamlet/Horatio, Here in the Dark with You

Bruce Banner, I'm Always Angry

Rain Wild Chronicles, Broken Dragons
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I love it when it's Wednesday and I've read things and remember to post! :D 

What have you just finished reading? 

Oh so many things! Return to Night by Mary Renault. I loved Hillary so. Especially towards the beginning when she would do things like walk into work and feel irritated by all her colleagues or see good looking men and think, gosh he must be the most unpleasant person. AREN'T THEY ALL. Mostly though I just can't get over Renault's close up lens, how intimately she captures every thought process and tiny insecurity, the minutae of human interaction and yet she translates it into such huge emotional consequences. That's really why I love her writing so much. It can tell me so much about myself and those around me just in the attention it pays to people. 
I also read Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan and really enjoyed the Greek Chorus narration. It felt good for that past generational voice to come through, it was an interesting POV and quite touching. I was surprised how much I ended up liking it. 
Also all 4 Rain Wild Chronicles books by Robin Hobb. Gorged myself on them and now I am empty and unsatisfied because there are none left. :( 

What are you reading now? 

Maurice, E. M. Forster. It feels a little obligatory.
The new comic, Trees by Warren Ellis and Jason Howard. So far it's interesting, I love the concept of alien beings that don't recognise human beings as sentient beings and just act as if they're ants and it's fine to step on them etc. So far, so intriguing. 

What will you read next? 

The Duchess War by Courtney Milan. I think the question here is why am I not already reading everything by Ms Milan? 

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Two Fics I posted for the Fic or Die Challenge:

Title: And Happy Are They Whose Hearts Are Set
Author: amoama
Fandom (pairing/characters): Teen Wolf - Isaac/Scott/Allison
Rating: Teen - the kissing rating
Word Count: 2296
Summary: Isaac settles cautiously into his new pack with Scott and Allison.
Disclaimer: The characters are not mine. I might however argue that I am doing them slightly more justice than their owners at times.
Author's Note: Thanks to Spaghettitoes for the beta - all mistakes mine though. Set early in season 3, after the janitor’s cupboard scene where Isaac and Allison are trapped (after Derek forces Isaac to leave and he goes to stay with Scott)…

Here on AO3

Title: Fever Dreams
Author: amoama
Fandom (pairing/characters): The Good Wife - Alicia/Kalinda
Rating: Gen
Word Count: 76
Summary: The itch under Kalinda's skin.
Author's Note: Barely a fic but I like it anyway.

Here on AO3

I also re-posted a couple of my Drabble Day drabbles that I still liked, one of which was Toews/Kane Hockey RPF. I swear, there is nothing like posting 100 words of Hockey RPF to AO3, it had something like 600 hits overnight. Toe-dipping into big fandoms is fun!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow when I will finally have time to settle in and enjoy all the lovely fics everyone else has been posting!
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 It's been a while for me since I've posted and now I find myself with lots of things I want to say. Mostly, hope you're all well!! 

Under the cut: Canada! Renaultx! Rarewomen! )


28/4/14 20:59
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As trite as it is after one flying lesson (which was awesome dfkljdlkfvhvdj\vj) I am finally watching the BBC TV series Wings. I'm loving it and I am just here to flail a little.

Wings is a show from the 1970s set in WW1 about the men of the Royal Flying Corps.

Things to love (a list!):

Flying! Bloody Officers! The Homefront! Triggers! )
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 What did you just finish?
Tevye the Dairyman, Sholem Aleykhem
This was my pick for my book club's old age theme. Most of the group felt it fit the theme well enough considering it goes on until Tevye's quite old. I loved the narrative chat, even though I did feel like answering back, "yes Tevye I am well aware you are not a woman! God Forbid!" I sympathised a lot with Golde! They style was just so clever and involving though and basically made me sympathetic with everyone. There were quite a lot of times when I was singing the sentences in the head because I'm far too well acquainted with the musical which mostly quoted exactly from the book. And why wouldn't you! It's all gold dust! Considering I had goldfish called Topol (i was confused!) and Golde when I was very young I'm surprised it took me so long to read the book but it was a really evocative and touching read. 

What are you currently reading?
Haha Cryptonomicon, Neal Stephenson - now and forevermore apparently. I read for 30 minutes on the tube and I am lucking if I progress by even 1%. I am loving it so much though and I'm really excited that Shaftoe and Waterhouse just met. Also, "manual override" is the best way to refer to masturbation, for sure!
Also today I realised I am much further through A Feast For Crows, GRR Martin, than I remembered. it's been hiding under my bed for a while now. But I'm 690 pages in, the end is in sight! If only I could remember what happened up till now. I'm going to google some summaries or something because the next chapter opens on someone called Alayne and I have no clue who that is. 
I've also started with Code Named Verity, Elizabeth Wein, but I have to stay I'm struggling with the chatty style for the subject matter. Or perhaps I'm just struggling with the subject matter? Torture isn't my favourite thing to read about after work. But flying is! I am torn. 

What will you read next? 
I've seen Courtney Milan's The Heiress Effect recced in a lot of places lately so I have that at the ready. Also perhaps Elizabeth Bear's Blood and Iron. 
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 A minute ago I was thinking "oh I should post about things" and now I have forgotten those things!

 Oh well. [personal profile] winterlover I'm so sorry to have missed you over the weekend. Had a weird few days and didn't make it out to see any lovely fangirl visitors and I am sad. :( Sounds like you had a great trip and I know it won't be long before London tempts you back again. <3

But I did get to see a [personal profile] surexit on last week which was awesome. (she is alive!!!) We saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier which I really did enjoy. Mostly it was just great to see the friendship between Steve and Natasha and have it not be at all sexual, even when they had a moment on the escalators, it was totally cool! That was lovely and refreshing. 

Other news: I get to go on holiday soon! New York! Canada! Lovely long train journeys with friends at the end! I am beside myself with excitement. <3333

I'm learning to fly a plane on Saturday. My first, and likely, only, lesson. Code Name Verity eat your heart out because I am taking to the skies! 

I am so excited about all these opportunities! I spent a few hours today with someone for whom having nothing was a wealth compared to the way he was treated back home. His physical safety was all he was asking for and even that remains pretty precarious. But here I am with an embarrassment of riches, I struggle to know how to be appropriately grateful. So I want you to know, I'm really grateful!
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I'm just three episodes away from the end of Friday Night Lights. I really, really, don't want it to end.
These last two seasons its felt like there has been so much story to tell and not nearly enough time to do it all justice. The whole ensemble is so strong and so compelling. I'm watching all the deleted scenes too, trying not to miss anything.

If anyone ever read or wrote any Dallas Tinker fic, especially any Tinker/Luke Cafferty fic, I need to know about it!!! Surely somewhere there is a story capitalising on the moment Luke shows Tinker how to "love tap" his pig. This show!! 

And Matt Saracen's smexy college look! Guh! 

Why do I love Buddy Garrity so much now? 

I'm planning to go back and watch the first episode again when I'm through, just to get a sense of how it all began again. Although that first episode was pretty traumatic, but still. I don't want it to end! 


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